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Planning application submitted

At the end of 2023 RES submitted a planning application for a 16-turbine 105.6MW wind farm and energy storage proposal at Hill of Fare which lies approximately 6km north of Banchory, in Aberdeenshire. The project could create a £150 million boost for the local economy.

Reasons to support the proposal

We welcome the UK Government’s recent commitment to attracting record levels of investment in renewable energy in the King’s Speech. Projects like Hill of Fare are a key part of that investment pipeline and could deliver millions of pounds of benefit for local businesses and communities for decades to come. If consented, Hill of Fare Wind Farm is predicted to deliver a £150 million boost for the local economy.

Reasons to support the proposal are as follows:

  • In an area identified by Aberdeenshire Council as having ‘potential for wind farm development’
  • Outwith any landscape or cultural heritage designations
  • Would generate clean, low-cost renewable electricity for around 101,000 homes each year
  • Capable of reducing the equivalent of 69,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by each year
  • Calculated carbon payback within 2.8 years
  • Predicted to deliver £14 million of inward investment in Aberdeenshire during construction
  • Estimated to deliver £66 million of economic activity linked to operations and maintenance
  • Could deliver a tailored community benefit package worth £26.4 million over its lifetime
  • Would provide £50 million in business rates over operational lifetime to Aberdeenshire Council, supporting vital services
  • Could offer ‘shared ownership’ to the community in the wind farm’s revenue
  • Would contribute to Scotland’s legally binding 2045 net zero carbon emissions target

We are in a climate emergency, cost of living crisis and also seeking to enhance the security of our energy supply. Onshore wind can address all of these and projects like Hill of Fare Wind Farm can play an important part.

To find out more about the project please click here.